Night Rituals: Wake Up Determined, Go to Bed Satisfied!

Alright so if you have not read my morning ritual blog and if you are interested then please checkout here - Morning Ritual As I mentioned in my morning ritual blog that morning rituals begins with the night ritual and here's what mine look - I start winding down about 8:30pm or so. P.S - … Continue reading Night Rituals: Wake Up Determined, Go to Bed Satisfied!


Don’t waste your dreams!

Alright so here I am with a job in California as a Project Coordinator. Doing well in job, have a new car, great apartment to live in and everything seems so perfect but is that what I dreamt? May be, may be not! I don't know and I am still looking! Remembering that you are … Continue reading Don’t waste your dreams!

Make your bed

Namaste guys! I know you all must be wondering, what is my title about, right? I will get back to that in a while. Before that, I want to start writing something more meaningful than my daily journal. It will still have my daily experiences, but I want to write it in such a way … Continue reading Make your bed