Do you get lost? Because I do

Honestly I don’t even know why it happens but it does. So, I have everything that I need to live a nice life but all of sudden I feel I am lost and disappointed.

  • I promise lot of things to myself  but I never complete any of those for e.g.- make a  change in my lifestyle but next day I go to back to same old things!
  • I promise to learn new things but I am too lazy to do anything.
  • I feel I am too limited and don’t want to grow in life. And these all things are depressing me!

When I look around I feel everyone is running ahead of me and I am still where I was. I haven’t learnt or grown from last few months

Things I do to overcome –

All I know is to not to “Give up“! I will keep trying and fighting as much as I can!

Realizing of this phase is most important – if this happens to you start looking back and see where you have come from last 2-3 years and what all you have accomplished!

Giving up is not an option!

  • Don’t try to be hard on your self – it’s always ok to fail sometimes but it is important to fail better.
  • Talk to someone and ask for advice.
  • Introspection is best way to resolve this issue – Try finding what’s happening inside you and why this thoughts occurred in first place.s

You will start finding your place soon.

It’s not about how hard you can hit but it’s about how hard hit you can take and get back! – Rocky

Does that happen to you as well? What do you do to overcome that phase?


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