Night Rituals: Wake Up Determined, Go to Bed Satisfied!

Alright so if you have not read my morning ritual blog and if you are interested then please checkout here – Morning Ritual

As I mentioned in my morning ritual blog that morning rituals begins with the night ritual and here’s what mine look –

I start winding down about 8:30pm or so.

P.S – I have my dinner my 7pm or so. I love to have my dinner 2-3 hours before I go to bed – It gives your body enough time to spend energy on digestion.

8:30pm – 9pm

I prep my meals (Breakfast and Lunch) for next day! This really helps me in a lot of ways

  1. I save money as I cook by myself
  2. I eat healthy by knowing what I put into my meals.
  3. Cooking helps you be creative (it gives me joy)

9pm – 9:15pm

I usually think what I want to wear tomorrow and keep it ready (Iron it, find a matching socks/tie/shoes/etc) so in the morning I don’t spend my energy in decision-making (as many more decisions you will have to make throughout the day).
Also, I keep my gym clothes ready (sometimes I even wear them and sleep – of course they are clean).

9:15pm – 9:30pm

I write down few things for which I was grateful.

Here’s what mine looks like for yesterday –

  1. Grateful to meet an old friend to catch up on life
  2. Grateful to have a fulfilling meal
  3. Grateful for the person who held the door for me while I had too many things in my hand.
  4. Grateful for technology to talk to family who is in another part of the world.

I also write down what I want to accomplish in 5 years/ 5 days/ tomorrow! Goal Setting

It doesn’t have to be complicated –

  1. Goal to be a product manager
  2. Goal to go to gym next 5 days
  3. Goal to read 1 chapter in CAPM book

By doing this small things it helps your mind to sleep with an intention.

9:30pm – 10pm

Meditate/ Retrospect and Introspect.

So by 9:30pm I am on my bed with my lamp on. I play some nice soft meditation music or spiritual songs. I close my eyes and start taking deep breaths – After 15-20 breath you are already relaxed – don’t worry about the thoughts.

Now this is the time I do a retrospect of a day and just visualize how did my day go –

  • Was there any time I was angry/upset – What did I do at that time
  • What did I accomplished today?
  • Was able to do what I planned? if not, how can I do it better tomorrow.

You can call it meditation but mostly I start with meditation and end up doing a deep introspection. (Doing an introspection is a form of meditation too)

Meditation can help us embrace our worries, our fear, our anger; and that is very healing. We let our own natural capacity of healing do the work. – Thich Nhat Hanh

10pm – 10:30pm

I usually fall asleep right after my meditation and if I don’t then I read an inspiration book/blog – sometimes I watch inspirational videos too (But trying to avoid this).

Usually I pass out after 10:30pm as I have to get up at 5/5:30am.

This is what I do to get ready for next day! What about you?



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