Morning Rituals – Wake up Determined, Go to bed Satisfied – Part 1

Having morning rituals are so important to be successful! This doesn’t mean that you need to wake up early. Whenever you wake up – having a great morning ritual will help you to succeed. This helps me to wake up with determination!

Here’s what mine looks like!

5am – 5:30am : Wake Up! – I generally wake up around this time! The first thing I do is – I click a picture from my patio and enjoy the moment of beating sun!


I am a huge fan of Dwayne Johnson (@Rock) – and learnt  from him about beating the sun! – Meaning waking up before sunrise. For me personally, it’s just a great feeling of achievement that you are up before sun has arisen!

Imagine how cool is that – You are up already while most of the world is still sleeping – you are already so ahead of them. (That’s how all successful people have more time than us, but in reality they just have 24 hours – Think about it!)


P.S – I am morning person – but you can wake at your time as your schedule permits.

5:45am : By this time I am already done with brushing my teeth, washing face, etc!

Also, I try to drink water (typically 2 glasses) – Your body is dehydrated since last night.

5:45am – 6:30am : EXERCISE! I prefer cardio to raise my heartbeat!

I cannot emphasize more on how important is to exercise – it doesn’t mean you have to go to Gym or lift weights or treadmill/etc.

  • Just get out of your house take a walk/jog/push-ups/chin-ups/squats/swimming/playing sport/etc! – JUST some form of physical activity!
  • Connect with nature in the morning – it energize your body, mind and soul!

I will be writing another blog/blogs on exercise/fitness.

6:30am – 6:50am : Meditate/Pray and Visualize!

Please don’t start to assume things when I say meditate!  –

“Meditation is art of doing nothing” – @Sri Sri

  • Basically I just sit down, close my eyes take some deep/long breadths (don’t worry about thoughts, just let them be)
  • Visualize your whole day – things you would like to accomplish today, set the commitment for today, have gratitude for one more day in your life!
  • I pray as well – My prayers are typical normal conversations with God of what’s going on with my life – where I need him, thank him for what he did for me!

This will help you calm down after your workout and clear your mind!
P.S – I do longer meditation before I go to bed (Helps me sleep better)!

6:50am – 7am : Shower! – I take shower and get ready for work! Trust me – it doesn’t take more than 10 mins for shower and grooming.

7am – 7:30am : Breakfast! Most important meal of the day. It sets your mood for the entire day and sets the momentum for your metabolism. DON’T SKIP IT.

7:30am – Work!

Hope this helps you! – Set your morning ritual and share it with me – I would love to learn something from you. I am trying to wake up at 4:30/5am so I can fit 30 minutes to read/write.

Remember! – Morning rituals starts with night before. Stay tuned for Night ritual (Going to bed with Satisfaction).

Please like/comment/follow –  so that I know this is helpful/fun/entertaining and it will also help me learn and grow. It will take couple minutes for you but it means a lot to me.

Let’s help each other.


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