Don’t Be Trapped By DOGMA!!!


Namaste Everyone,

How is everyone doing? I hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend was great too, but I ended up hurting my back while cleaning and moving some stuff of my house. I hope I should be fine by tomorrow. Before I start writing about today’s topic, I would like to thank you all for my previous blog. I got 144 views, which is a great number for me as a beginner. And again, I am not a blogger nor I am gonna make a career or profession out of this. This is just like me and you having some good conversation. I would like to share my knowledge with you and hopefully it helps and inspire you to do something.
“Don’t Be Trapped By Dogma” is a very famous quote by Steve Jobs. I hope everyone know him if not the quote 😛 Let me elaborate more on that quote. I am from India and in India, people live their life on what others think and how will they react?  Basically, the meaning of quote is don’t stop yourself of doing something by thinking what other people are gonna think about it? That’s a big problem of today’s world. Lot of us either do things to show other people or don’t do things because they are fear of what other people thinks.

Let me tell you something about my self, I was totally trapped by dogma. I used to think a lot about others before I do anything and even I used to do things so that I could impress some people. I never realized that until I started meditating. I took a yoga and meditation course by Art of Living and that’s when I learnt how to meditate. After a week of meditation, I started becoming aware of my actions. I realized that I want to volunteer, paint, sing, dance, or even talk in group but I wasn’t doing anything because I was scared of what will people think of me. And at the same time, I do lot of stuff just to show people that I am doing so many things, but I am not even enjoying that. But now I just do what I love to do and don’t care for what other people think, because that’s not my problem its theirs! This is the case with most of us, but we are not aware of it. Think about your action wisely. Give it a peaceful thought, what’s the intention and expectation of your actions?

Let’s talk about why don’t we do things which we should or like to do? First of all think about this that, are you doing something for people or for yourself? You know, most of the time we don’t even know why are we doing certain things? For example- When I was 18 years old, I tried to make so many friends and be social with everyone. But, is that what I really wanted or I just wanted to show people that I have lots of friends? There can be two things- One that you are naturally very social person and would like to be friends with everyone and that’s totally fine. Two that you are just trying to be friends with everyone so people will think that you are so popular. In first case, you should not stop doing that because that’s your nature and you love to do that and second case you should really think about your thoughts and actions that you don’t need to make friends just to be popular and get attention.

There are two things which you should really think about is your career/profession and your relationship with people( can be your parents, friends, girlfriend, or anyone). Your profession or career shouldn’t really be depended on what other people think because its not their career and they are not gonna spend life with that career, its you who have to be in that career or profession. Your relationship with people should be your true interest in them and how much you love them. You should or should not love them on what others will think about it, because people need gossip and they will talk about it, once they find something new to gossip they will forget you. And also most of the time people don’t even care what you do or what you don’t?

Long story short- Don’t be trapped by Dogma. Don’t let other people’s opinion dominate your actions. Listen to your inner voice and your passion and don’t let it down because of other people’s thinking. Do what you really want to do, because at the end you want to be happy and that’s your final goal. So, do what makes you happy and not what makes other people happy.

I know its a little intense and difficult to digest this knowledge, but think about it peacefully and try to get something out of it. I hope it really helps you. Please comment, share, like or just read 😛

Till then “Keep Breathing and Keep Smiling” 🙂

See you all soon.


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