Make your bed

Namaste guys!

I know you all must be wondering, what is my title about, right? I will get back to that in a while. Before that, I want to start writing something more meaningful than my daily journal. It will still have my daily experiences, but I want to write it in such a way that I could share what I learned in a whole day and how it could be helpful for you? It could be more of wisdom/knowledge than just a personal journal, which you could understand and apply in your life. Hope you appreciate it and give me some feedback. I am a beginner with blogging and writing. There could be possibly lot of english errors, but you could help me correct it so that I can grow and learn. Life is a learning experience, I will never grow or write if I think of mistakes even before trying. My Guru( Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) says “You should make mistakes, but make sure that every time your mistake is a new one”.

Let’s go back to my title. I am very lucky and blessed to have many mentors in my life, one of them is my boss – Mary Wallmark. Yesterday I asked her that how I could be more productive? You won’t believe what she said? She told me, if you want to be productive, then first thing when you get up you should ‘Make your bed‘. I was like, whaaattttt?  I thought she was crazy and her advice did not made any sense to me. But, later when she explained it kinda made sense. She told me, as soon as you wake up and make your bed, it will give you sense of energy/motivation to start your day. There is a lot of psychology behind this.

I was still not sure about that advice just like you guys. But, I tried it today morning and trust me it did give me a kick start to my day. I was so energetic and productive whole day. I did not feel lazy or bored at all. Later when I meditated, I tried to understand the whole psychology of making of bed in the morning. Let me tell what happened with me? My mind was forcing me to sleep few more minutes as I woke up, but I knew I had to try this new ritual of my morning. So, I somehow managed to get out of my bed. Trust me, your mind will not allow you to make your bed, but don’t give up. I started making my bed, and I just felt some energy flowing in my body. I felt like I accomplished something very big after I finished making my bed, even though it was just making bed. It just charged my body and inspired me for the rest of my day I felt that I finished one task and now I can finish many more tasks.

You still don’t know the best part of it, let’s assume you had a miserable day and you come back home, you have your bed ready which will make you happy and give you motivation for next day. I came home around 8pm and then cooked dinner. I ate dinner, took shower and then saw that my bed is ready, which just made me so happy! Just like five star hotels, housekeeping guys makes your bed, when you leave your room. And as you enter your room it makes you happy seeing your bed ready isn’t it? Hence, making your bed should be the first thing you should do as soon as you wake up. Its completely different feeling to see your bed ready after a tiring day.

You must try it and see how you feel? It did work for me, and it might work for you too, may be in different way. If you try then do comment and share your experience with me and everyone. I hope that you learn something out of this blog. That’s all I got today, I come back tomorrow. Keep reading my blog daily and help me by giving feedback.

Till then “Keep Breathing and Keep Smiling” 🙂

Love you all!


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