Happy Anniversary!

Hola Amigos,

I am sorry, that I did not write yesterday. It was hell of a busy day. But, I did not drop the plan of writing today. I am tired right now and almost convinced myself that I don’t want to write today but, I want to write it. Today’s post is gonna be little different. It won’t have my daily schedule but, it will have all of my past one year experience. Today I completed one year in United States. Well, technically yesterday because I came to United States on 5th August 2014.

This one year journey has been great for me! Trust me, I would have never grown so much in India. I learnt so many things like leadership, socializing, management skills, technical knowledge, and one of the most important ‘self-discipline’. Even today, I waste a lot of my time just by doing nothing but, I learnt enough discipline to understand and be aware of coming back from unproductive state to productive. I could have never learnt that in India, never at all. Today, out of 24 hours I waste 2 hours may be, 3 not more than that. Because I learnt from one of friend Bailie, that keeping yourself busy gives no chance to your brain to wonder. The more you keep yourself busy, the more you grow!

When I was India, I was never into socializing. Well, I was but not upto the level what I am right now. When I came to US I would fear to talk to people or even acquaintances. Today, I can go to random stranger and have a very healthy conversation. I am proud of myself that I could make friends easily and make them feel comfortable and gain their trust.

I am president of two clubs on campus! I kid you not, but I would not even think of leading anything because of fear of failure. Now I am leading two clubs with about 100 members in it. I work for Student Life and Leadership on campus, great people and best job ever. I can confidently pull 500 or more people crowd easily. I did so may presentation. I am meditation and yoga teacher for so many of my friends. Now leadership has become my passion and love. Today, I don’t fear failure fo doing anything because I would never know until I try anything in life.

Long story short- I have grown so much that I see things and life so differently now. I don’t care what people think of me( I mean, I do care but I don’t care if they gossip about me). I am always busy. Happy being busy, busy being happy! I am so much more productive. I am living my life to the fullest. Meeting great people, learning great things and 100 times happier than I was before.

Short recap of one year and reminding myself that I have done great job so far and I have to keep it up, so that I can inspire people the way I get inspired from my mentors. See you guys tomorrow.

Till then “Keep breathing, and Keep smiling”.


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