Feeling happy

What is up with you all?

I never thought, I would even write the second blog, but here I am. I kinda like it! You know the best part about this blog/journaling/daily writing thing, is that I have sit down for couple of minutes and think about the whole day. It gives me an opportunity to see where I am spending time and also, it helps my writing skills.

As usually, I woke up late again but, earlier than yesterday :P. I woke up at 8 am ( snoozing the alarm from 5:30 am, haha) Today, I decided that I would never start my day until I do my yoga and meditation. Hence, I did my morning rituals(yoga and meditation) by 10 am. Breakfast was done by 10:30 am. And I feel like a fool, because I was waiting for amazon package delivery till 11:30 am. Later, I realized its not worth and then took shower. No luck for amazon package. I went to work at 12:10pm (late again). I loved today’s work, it was great. I left at 4:45 pm. Again, I thought that package would delivery by 8pm, as it was showing on my app. But, nope Amazon never showed up! (I don’t like it now). Me and my roommates cleaned the house and now I am writing this amazing blog, haha. Well, that’s all I got. I am looking forward to learn more in this journey.

Asta lavista!



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