Personal commitment


This is my first time ever writing a blog, journal, or daily planner. Before you start reading, let me tell you that it is not some kind of daily tips or something. This blog is my personal commitment to myself to make a daily journal. Also, my friend Leah Guest, suggested I should just start writing a blog, which will keep me motivated for journaling my day, and also improve my writing skills. So, my grammar can be horrible, but again this is not for you. This is a journey for me, a learning journey. Let’s see how it goes. May be if you read it, you might actually learn something out of it. But, it is just gonna be my personal journal.

Let me start with what I did whole day today. I woke up pretty late that is 9 am, and ended up going late at work, which is 10 am. But, my job is amazing they allow me to come in anytime I want unless I have a meeting. Sometimes, I feel that I misuse that power, haha! I was pretty productive at work, I spend lot of time doing a video which is part of my current project at my work. Also, I did intense research about getting an summer internship into customer related field. Well, not that intense but I started. I definitely want to work more on that tomorrow. Then, I left from my work at 4 pm. I went to DMV, since I never got my license even after giving my driving test 2 months ago. They said I should get it by the end of this month. Hopefully, I get it. Then I went home back at 4:30 pm, and relaxed a little bit. I went to gym for my yoga class at 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. It was so good. I loved the trainer and spoke to her finally. She is christian and super busy girl. she does plenty of stuff, but all related to her career which is good. I am really impressed. Hoping to meet her more and learn something from her. While I was walking back home, I was just thinking of my friend (Leah Guest) who suggested me this great idea. So, I ended up calling her and we really had a very good conversation. I am motivated now to do something interesting every day. Well, I also wasted my lot of time watching some Indian TV show which is about start up with friends. But it was fun. I wanted to spend time too. But it was too much. It is 11:20 pm right now and I am already so tired and sleepy. This is all I got for today. Hope I keep this habit up and keep writing every night.

Thank You Leah, this is one is for you.


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