Don’t Be Trapped By DOGMA!!!

Namaste Everyone, How is everyone doing? I hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend was great too, but I ended up hurting my back¬†while cleaning and moving some stuff of my house. I hope I should be fine by tomorrow. Before I start writing about today's topic, I would like to thank you … Continue reading Don’t Be Trapped By DOGMA!!!


Make your bed

Namaste guys! I know you all must be wondering, what is my title about, right? I will get back to that in a while. Before that, I want to start writing something more meaningful than my daily journal. It will still have my daily experiences, but I want to write it in such a way … Continue reading Make your bed

Happy Anniversary!

Hola Amigos, I am sorry, that I did not write yesterday. It was hell of a busy day. But, I did not drop the plan of writing today. I am tired right now and almost convinced myself that I don't want to write today but, I want to write it. Today's post is gonna be … Continue reading Happy Anniversary!


Feeling happy

What is up with you all? I never thought, I would even write the second blog, but here I am. I kinda like it! You know the best part about this blog/journaling/daily writing thing, is that I have sit down for couple of minutes and think about the whole day. It gives me an opportunity … Continue reading Feeling happy


Personal commitment

Hello, This is my first time ever writing a blog, journal, or daily planner. Before you start reading, let me tell you that it is not some kind of daily tips or something. This blog is my personal commitment to myself to make a daily journal. Also, my friend Leah Guest, suggested I should just … Continue reading Personal commitment